Sheridan College, Oakville ON

About Hackville

One hundred students from all disciplines from the GTA are invited to come create, challenge, and solve a real-world challenge over the weekend. This year, we are partnering with the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research to help come up with solutions around social isolation among older adults. We believe that the older adult demographic is an important part of our communities that we should know more about designing for, which is why we have chosen to tackle social isolation.

We are a very beginner-friendly hackathon and encourage all students - whether or not you’re experienced - to come out for the weekend and brush up on coding skills!

All Sheridan College students will be accepted until the event has reached maximum capacity.


Trafalgar Campus


Arriving in 2020


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Are you interested in sponsoring Hackville? Please email us at to find out how you can get involved.